Stroops was founded in 1996 by an athlete turned engineer who had a passion for fitness and winning. Fast forward to the present day and Stroops has transformed into one of the top resistance training equipment companies in the world. By focusing on innovative design you can feel and industry leading quality, our products have evolved into the best available in the world. And we’re just getting started.

All of our products are engineered and tested in house by top engineers and professional athletes. Stroops products are all manufactured in house in America by the finest materials. Engineering products that deliver unbeatable training sessions and make our customers champions is our number one goal.

The Beast

Unlike traditional (non-elastic) heavy ropes, the Beast is engineered to apply graduated resistance to counter the force of the athlete’s movements, which causes the muscles throughout the entire body to contract. Beyond functioning as a high-powered battle rope, the Beast has multiple applications–rotational movement training (which targets the core muscles) and lateral movement training (which targets core stability), to reverse walking (for lower-body strength) and building cardiovascular endurance. Because of its large circumference, a fighter’s grip strength is increased every time he trains with the Beast. Weighing up to 15 pounds and providing a full 150 pounds of resistance with each rope, the Beast is encased in a protective nylon sheath, giving athletes of any fitness level a physically taxing and safe workout.


The CrossCore® brand was founded on functionality, adaptability, being inclusionary and driving it all forward with education. It is these attributes that have allowed us to become a catalyst in moving people closer to their fitness and performance goals. Our products Cross the barriers of traditional training methods while focusing on the Core movements of all involved.

CrossCore® Mission

CrossCore® is redirecting and redefining the fitness movement as we know it. We have taken our passion for functional training and used it to develop products that allow our customers to define their own movement and desired planes of motion instead of their equipment doing it for them. Our commitment to education, a superior product and integrity is what sets CrossCore® apart.

The CrossCore 180

The CrossCore180® Rotational Bodyweight Training System™ adds rotational movement to bodyweight training exercises and allows sports specific protocols to be designed by coaches for their athletes. CrossCore180® is the perfect training tool for coaches, athletes, group training and rehabilitation.

Challenge yourself. PULL THE PIN! Locked-N-Loaded deactivates the pulley rotation of the CrossCore180® and stabilizes the handles and your movements. PULL THE PIN to activate rotational movement on your CrossCore180®. Adding rotation allows your body to move and function without boundaries for a limitless and challenging full-body workout.