Building your masterpiece part 2

Have you established a fitness goal for the next step? If you’re still unsure of your reality allow me to help you figure it out.

Case study A: The “pear” shape. This is the body type where the lower half is largely imbalanced compared to the top. I see this body type quite often with women and some men.

The first step to developing a balance is to focus on the imbalance….the upper half. That’s not to say we ignore the lower half, but the introduction of a workout routine will affect the entire body when it comes to fat loss. It’s crucial to start the muscle development of the back, shoulders and arms with resistance training and reserve your lower half efforts for a more cardio focused approach. DO NOT DO SQUATS. Yet. Further development of your lower muscularity will only make you look bigger downstairs.

An important fact to inject here is the more muscle you add to your frame, the more efficient you become at burning body fat.

A few examples of exercises I’d recommend to be done in this order is Lat Pulls (machine) or Pull-ups for back development. Lateral Raises, Dumbell or Kettlebell Presses and Rear Flys for shoulder development. Dumbell Curls or Kettlebell Cleans for the biceps and Truck drivers and kickbacks with both DBs and KBs for the triceps. Theses are great no matter who you are and what your body type is.

Case study B: The “pole” shape. This is a body with little contour from top to bottom. While this is the most challenging type to transform, it’s also the quickest to show the addition of muscle due to the lack of body fat. These body types typically have a hard time gaining weight due to a fast metabolism. The first thing I’ll tell you is don’t be afraid of calories! Eat more and more often! Stay away from low and no fat foods. Saturated fats are your friend. Once you’ve given in to this thinking it’s time to lift heavy. NO CARDIO. For now. Squats with a barbell on your back is the be all end all. The addition of Deadlifts and Incline Presses are also on the list. This is how I’d set up my week. Monday – Deadlifts, Wednesday – Squats, Friday – Incline Press. Do Yoga or something low intensity on the off days but do not burn any calories! Follow this training split for 3 months, then start to add ancillary exercises for symmetry development.

Case study C: The “apple” shape. You are my favorite group to work with! Why you ask? Because you should swing Kettlebells! My number one tool! This will shed bodyfat, develop your muscularity and make you strong very fast. Once you reach a point in your journey where you’re seeing muscle definition, add weight training to polish body parts. Stick with this and you’ll see a tremendous change in a few short months.

I’ve given you a few examples. There’s plenty more of you out there that I haven’t mentioned. Believe me when I say this….I’ve seen them all in my professional career. Write down what your body type is, your goals and email them to me at and stand by for instruction. If you need a coach, I’m your man. I hope to hear from you soon.


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