How to build your masterpiece

This is an on-going series on how to build the body you want and are capable of creating. Treat this blog post like an open forum by sending me your questions and updates so we can work together on building your masterpiece.

It’s easy to grab a magazine, flip and through the pages to land on the “perfect” body that you’ve determined is your finish line. The tough part in this process is separating the ideal from the real, so let’s start by discussing a few things to consider.

Centuries ago, a Greek formula referred to as the “Golden Ratio” was created as a standard of balance as to which all things were measured and compared. This ratio was used in the designations of physiques as well as many other applications. It’s a Theorem. Rather than bore you with a definition in mathematical terms, I’m going to jump right to the application. For men, the ratio is 1.6, which refers to your shoulder to waist taper. For example, a man with a waist measurement of 32″ should have a shoulder circumference of 51.2″. If this is indeed the case, your body structure is suitable to fit the standard of a Greek god’s physique.

For women who are looking for the perfect symmetry to match a Greek goddess the land marks for measurement are appropriately different, unless of course you happen to be the exception looking for a heavy trunk and limbs? For the group who wants the feminine physique of Venus, your standard of measurement are as follows. Take the circumference of your waist and divide by the circumference of your hips. This number should be .8 or lower. For an hour glass figure, your bust line can be factored in the same way, still using your waist measurement as the anchor.

OK gang, lets assume that there aren’t many who fell into the Greek god and goddess category…..yet. Lets determine what your god and goddess would look like. Men, take the same calculation for the waist to hip quotient and use .9 as your metric. Women, use your bust-line and hip measurement as your starting point and determine what it’s going to take to get those two numbers to be equal. This is your homework to satisfy step 1 in the building of your masterpiece. See you soon for step 2.


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