Michael Skogg

Michael Skogg

Michael Skogg NMT (Neuro Muscular Therapist), PT (Personal Trainer), CHEK I & II, AKC (American Kettlebell Club Certified)

A simple concept: Everyone can be strong with the SKOGG Kettlebell Method.

Michael Skogg is a world-renowned kettlebell coach, educator and author. He is a leader in the fitness industry and an inspiration to all who have trained and learned from him. His long history working with kettlebells, understanding of how the body works, and the unique workouts and classes he has created make him a standout in kettlebell training. Michael Skogg was introduced to kettlebells by a Highland Games competitor over twenty years ago while stationed in Scotland with the U.S. Military. He was frustrated with his training program, which often left him injured and sore.

In the military, you donʼt have the luxury of sitting out a day because your hamstrings hurt.
Michael Skogg He instantly saw the superiority of this full-body training, and has continued to evolve and refine his own kettlebell workouts to develop the SKOGG Kettlebell Method. Because Michael Skogg is educated in sports injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise, he has a unique approach to strengthening and conditioning the body. Michael’s approach to kettlebell training emphasizes converting vulnerabilities into strengths, bringing out the full potential of every part of the body. His clients have watched their bodies transform, even those suffering from injuries they were told they would otherwise never have fully recovered from. He has trained everyone from professional athletes to workout buffs to those who are just beginning to exercise for the first time. Itʼs about mindful movement, and anyone can benefit from the SKOGG Kettlebell Method.
It’s for everyone. Whether youʼre a 20-something guy in peak condition, or a 72 year-old grandma, we can work out a routine for you and it will make you stronger.


Michael Skogg is a contributing writer for STACK Media/Magazine, the number one training resource both online and print, designed specifically for the development of the young athlete. Today, Michael Skogg enthusiastically shares the benefits of his SKOGG kettlebell workouts at the SKOGG Kettlebell Gym in Portland, Oregon. He is excited to make the SKOGG Kettlebell Method available and affordable to everyone around the world with the release of Virtual SKOGG, an online SKOGG Kettlebell Gym membership with 70 streaming workouts. As the recognized kettlebell expert for the NCAA Division I strength and conditioning coaches, Michael was the key-note speaker at the 2012 National Conference for the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA). In addition, Michael Skogg awarded 23 Division 1 college strength coaches the SKOGG Kettlebell Strength Coach Certification after completion of Michael Skogg’s program. In 2010, Michael Skogg released the SKOGG System, a 5 DVD Kettlebell Workout system, to the public. This DVD System has introduced kettlebell workouts to enthusiasts in 38 countries.