Picking the “Right” trainer

This is the final step to building your masterpiece.

Now that you’ve established your body type and created a realistic goal, it’s time to find Mr./Mrs.”Right” trainer. Finding a trainer is easy. I can throw a stick and hit 30 of them in any direction here in Portland. I bet. With so many out there the vetting process can be overwhelming which is why you should consider a few sound tips for making this choice.

The quickest is the eye test. Does MR./Mrs.”Right” trainer possess the physique I aspire to have? If not, then why do they think they can give me what I want? Now I certainly understand that men look different than women (for the most part) but characteristics like leanness, muscularity, symmetry, balance and performance are all things we share no matter what our gender is. Would you go to a dentist who has poor teeth or believe your going to get Nordstrom’s quality at Wal Mart? I hope not.

Now that the eye test is over, it’s time to ask questions. What kind of experience does “Right” trainer have? If you’re the person who has an injury or an imbalance in your body choosing someone who can correct those are essential. Working out with the mindset that your injury or imbalance will automatically go away because you’re exercising is unrealistic. The outcome from this is strengthening your injured state or imbalance not improving it.

Is your “Right” choice a motivator or a screamer? Let’s face it, getting screamed at is lame. Look for someone who is going to take the time to teach you, not just order you around and steer clear of rep counters. Rep counters are the trainers who seem disinterested in what you’re doing and more interested in….what everyone else is doing and besides, if you have a hard time counting your own reps purchase a golf stroke counter. Much cheaper than 60 bucks an hour.

The long and short of it is, hiring a trainer is a big decision. You’re putting your physical health in their hands and a poor choice can result in a long break from working out and a loss of money and fitness gains. Be smart and ask around.


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