Post Holiday Self Loathing

Did anyone else out there eat their way to a food coma over the holiday? If you did it’s OK. You are not alone.

The average American eats 4500 calories on Thanksgiving day alone and if you’re at all like me the madness continued until January 1st with a large assortment of cookies, cake, pie, Ice cream and everything else that is bad for you.

Did I say it was OK? I meant it but now it’s time to stop and get back on the wagon. A healthy way to look at this time of year is with a resolve knowing that it is temporary. Unhealthy is beating yourself up.

So here you are the at the first of the year standing in front of the mirror. “I will get in the best shape of my life” you say without conviction. “I will have a six pack by summer” you say without designing a strategy. “I will run a marathon this summer” you state half heartedly knowing that you’re clueless on how to get there. The truth is you have control over more than you give yourself credit for.

You do have the power to change what the mirror is telling you and here’s a few tips on how to make that possible.

1. Have an attainable goal with a finish line.

2. Find the “perfect” gym, trainer, activity, nutrition plan that fits you, not someone else.

3. Seek professional help where you lack knowledge.

4. Create a strategy that has benchmarks.

5. Create accountability. Telling someone what you’re up to makes it real.

6. Pull the trigger. The fire is hot right now, don’t let it fade!

7. The final and best tip I can give you is to try the Skogg 60 day challenge. You will have everything listed above as well as a good understanding on why you’re making new choices to the routine your currently using.

What are you waiting for? Pull that trigger and take control. Don’t be that person who leaves their shirt on at the pool or the beach.


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