Skogg 60 Day Challenge

Skogg 60 Day Challenge

“I worked hard. I ate well. I said ‘no’ to temptation. I did things that scared me.  I lost 19 pounds.  I gained muscle.  I built up confidence.  I had a blast.”  ~Christine,  Age 37
I lost 22.5 lbs and over 10% body fat and in 60 days, are you kidding me? WOW, I was blown away watching the transformation take place so quickly!!”  ~ Frank,  Age 47
I weighed 165 lbs. and I was 40% body fat and now after 60 days, I’m 135 lbs. and 20% body fat. So, I have completely changed my whole body.”  ~Debbie,  Age 46
60-day Join the hundreds of people around the world who have changed their lives by joining the SKOGG 60 Day Challenge.  In just 60 days, you will see your body transform!  You will feel better, look better and have more energy than you have had in years. Want to lose weight but are frustrated with failed attempts?  Want to see your six-pack for the first time in your life?  Want to feel younger and healthier with renewed energy? The SKOGG 60 Day Challenge can get you there.  So what are you waiting for? The Challenge is done online, so anyone, anywhere can participate. You will receive a personalized nutrition plan with approved foods.  This list contains an abundance of fresh, healthy, great tasting foods. Weight and measurements will be monitored.  You will be given a daily log to track your progress. Each week, you will receive a new topic on nutrition and health.  Understanding the whyʼs of the approved foods list helps you to maintain the nutrition plan long after the 60 days has come and gone.
This is not a diet it is a way of life.
You wonʼt be sent a nutrition plan, and then left on your own.  Any and all questions will be answered promptly via email.  This is a personalized plan, and we take seriously the success of each and every participant. Your commitment is to follow your nutrition plan for 60 days and workout 4 days per week at SKOGG Gym, or at home with Virtual SKOGG, the SKOGG System 5 DVD set or Michael Skogg At Home DVDs. You will be amazed with your results!  You, only stronger!