Skogg Kettlebell Gym

Skogg Kettlebell Gym Classes

The SKOGG Kettlebell Gym in Portland, Oregon is an experience like no other! The Skogg kettlebell program is second to none, offering strength and conditioning classes in our Portland gym to all fitness levels all day long. Skogg Kettlebell Gym has the largest collection of kettlebells in the northwest ranging from 9# to 106#. Nothing beats kettlebell training for conditioning, strength training and power development. Michael Skogg created the SKOGG Kettlebell Method utilizing his experience and knowledge in conditioning, sports injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise. With the limitless variety of the SKOGG Kettlebell Method, you will never have to do the same workout day after day. You will never be bored. You will see results quickly. No other system of training will increase your strength, endurance, agility, flexibility and balance as quickly or effectively as the SKOGG Kettlebell Method. For all of you Portland athletes out there looking for a gym to call your own, look no further. Train at SKOGG Kettlebell Gym and dominate the field. Donʼt believe us? Try us out for 30 days. Your competition will wish you hadnʼt.

Personal Training

Personal Training

You, only stronger! Michael Skogg’s mission and philosophy share a simple concept: “Everyone can be strong.” Our coaches are the best around, offering personal training and small and large group classes. Michael Skogg is currently taking new clients, but call now to ensure a spot in his calendar. If youʼre an old school weight lifter, power lifter or Olympic lifter, the SKOGG Kettlebell gym has the best equipment found in the NCAA and professional sports world located here in Portland, Oregon. Come to the SKOGG Kettlebell Gym and experience what so many have been talking about.

Boxing at Skogg Kettlebell Gym

Boxing and Self Defense

Want to learn how to box? The Portland Skogg Kettlebell gym is the place! We are proud to own the only piece of equipment of itʼs kind in North America – The Box Master. Does walking the streets at night make you feel uneasy or unsafe? Learn how to defend yourself with our practical self defense class, designed and used by the military. Be strong, capable and confident.