The Book

We’ve done it! After a year of updates, narratives and editing, Sue and I have taken our in-house nutrition program and put it in print!

For years, the Skogg 60 Day Challenge was used as an in-house program giving members step by step instruction on how to optimize their efforts in the gym, with a nutrition plan. This is an area that most people look to the internet for guidance only to realize that the information overload is too much to sift through. With so many fad diets making their way through our media sources, the challenge to making the correct decision has become Hicks Law paraphrased “the more choices you have, the harder it is to choose and the longer it takes to make the right one”

Skogg has removed the guess work from your choices with step by step instruction, a workout routine and the support network to help you succeed. The beauty in the Skogg 60 Day Challenge is it’s easy to follow….forever! Take a look at the hot diet plans out there and ask yourself this…Can I do this forever? I know what these diets are and I’ll answer that question for you…No.

Skogg Gym is running it’s bi-annual in-house 60 day challenge kicking off September 25th at 7 pm. This is a great way to get your nutrition issues back on track after a summer of beer and brats (that’s the Wisconsin in me) for a clean up as the holidays approach. The Challenge ends the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clean slate for the holidays? Eat your way through Thanksgiving and Christmas without having to add to your “fat clothes” collection. For more information inquire at

The Skogg 60 Day Challenge is available in both digital and paperback (110 pages) at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Kindle as well as many bookstores nationwide. Get yours today and start the journey to a healthy and fitter you.

Skogg…You, Only Stronger

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