Warming up before you play.

Do you warm up before you play? As you age this should become a priority because our locomotive has a tendency to turn off rather than idle and starting that big engine takes time and will not perform well when its cold. Warming up has several benefits that you need to observe to not only perform effectively but avoid injury. If you know me, you know that injury prevention is a large part of my doctrine. Showing up for that friendly game of two hand touch football is certain to have you grabbing the back of your leg after you “pull your hammie”…..if you do not warm up first, just ask ME. After the age 35 we all enter into a hormonal decline which has a direct impact on all systems, and we generally do not consider proper blood flow to the muscle, lengthening of said muscle and joint mobility. Gone are the days of jumping jacks and toe touches as our warm-up. The question I ask when selecting my warm-up strategy……”what area of the body will I be using when I play?” and once determined, I create my warm-up routine with mobility exercises as the priority and heart rate elevation to end the effort. At the age of 51, this strategy has proven to be effective and has kept my performance level high and pain free…..and for me, thats a victory.
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