• There's no doubt that these workouts are challenging. We were soaked with sweat by the end since Michael Skogg had us constantly moving from exercise to exercise.
    Andy Haley
    STACK Media
  • The Skogg System is a straight-forward, no-nonsense workout program that, when followed, is sure to produce results.
    American Council on Exercise
  • The Skogg System is a complete body workout and a great way to train.
    Ben Baucum
    Portland Motorcycles Examiner

You, only stronger

What is the SKOGG Method? The SKOGG Method is our kettlebell program. It combines conditioning, strength training and power development in a clean, easy to follow package. This includes the use of kettlebells, body weight and other functional training equipment. This Method is used everyday at the SKOGG Gym and on Virtual SKOGG by thousands of members around the world. What is the SKOGG System? The SKOGG System is a 5 DVD set designed to teach proper form and technique to anyone who is learning kettlebell for the first time.

Picking the “Right” trainer

This is the final step to building your masterpiece.

Now that you’ve established your body type and created a realistic goal, it’s time to find Mr./Mrs.”Right” trainer. Finding a trainer is easy. I can throw a stick and hit 30 of them in any direction here in Portland. I bet. With so many out there the vetting process can be overwhelming which is why you should consider a few sound tips for making this choice.

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Building your masterpiece part 2

Have you established a fitness goal for the next step? If you’re still unsure of your reality allow me to help you figure it out.

Case study A: The “pear” shape. This is the body type where the lower half is largely imbalanced compared to the top. I see this body type quite often with women and some men.

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How to build your masterpiece

This is an on-going series on how to build the body you want and are capable of creating. Treat this blog post like an open forum by sending me your questions and updates so we can work together on building your masterpiece.

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From the top to the bottom

I’m writing this piece for a number of reasons, one of them being a recent correspondence with a major brand in sports and retail. This company though initially very interested in Skogg, returned to later withdraw based on my recent controversy. I didn’t handle it well. I still need to process and this is a good outlet to think out loud.

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Moving Forward

Thank you to all that have rallied around me during the past month, you’ve convinced me to push on with the Skogg System. Without your love and devotion for the program, I wouldn’t have thought our doors would have remained open.

You can rest assure that I will continue to deliver the same material you’ve come to expect. At Skogg Gym we’re standing tall, training hard and moving forward, which brings me to the next announcement. The new DVD’s.

The next release will be 4 DVD’s with a soon to be determined release date at a very affordable cost, to be determined as well. The production quality is different than the first 5 disc set but the content is great. The instruction isn’t quite as thorough because most of you have already been through the prior releases and should exhibit good technique now.

Now for the real reason. I was in pain for the first 2 workouts. It took the filming of both discs for me to finally find my groove and warm up my bones. Note to self, warm up before filming, not while filming.

With that said, the 4 workouts we shot have instruction on how to progress to larger bell sizes as well as the addition of rounds to increase the challenge as you get stronger.

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