• There's no doubt that these workouts are challenging. We were soaked with sweat by the end since Michael Skogg had us constantly moving from exercise to exercise.
    Andy Haley
    STACK Media
  • The Skogg System is a straight-forward, no-nonsense workout program that, when followed, is sure to produce results.
    American Council on Exercise
  • The Skogg System is a complete body workout and a great way to train.
    Ben Baucum
    Portland Motorcycles Examiner
  • Michael has a great understanding of neuromuscular physiology and it is demonstrated throughout his programs during warmup, the workout, and even the cool down.
    Jeffrey L Hare

You, only stronger

What is a kettlebell? A kettlebell is essentially a cannonball made of cast-iron with a handle on it. What appears to be a graceless and clumsy design, uses weight, momentum and leverage to provide a low impact, aerobic, full body workout in approximately 30 minutes.

Michael Skogg has created a complete stand alone training method based on kettlebell and functional training. It is designed to improve your speed, power, endurance, muscular coordination and athleticism. This kettlebell system is developed with all ability levels in mind.

The workouts use full body movements consisting of swinging and pressing the kettlebell which provide fat burning, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

This method of training does not discriminate. Whether youʼre a stay-at-home mom or a professional athlete, the SKOGG Method offers benefits for all who use it.

Michael SKOGG has been a coach and a trainer for over 20 years, with a background in rehabilitative exercise, where mindful movements have always been the message he delivers.

Whether at the SKOGG Gym in Portland, OR, on Virtual SKOGG or using the SKOGG DVD’s, the kettlebell workouts are easy to perform, yet very challenging. They offer you the ability to tailor your workout to your needs or limitations. It will not only increase your performance level in your active life, it will transform your body and allow you to achieve the body youʼve always wanted.

Cleaning closets

When you’ve reached that point in your life where your secrets are keeping you imprisoned. This is that point. This blog is both an apology and an admission.

First off I’d like to apologize to Don and Diane. You have faced challenges past and present and met them with honor and character. Thank you.

I’d like to extend that same apology to the rest of you who have followed my lead in the fitness world. I’ve deceived you as well.

The following story starts with me as a young man at the age of 17, with aspirations to break free of the oppressive small town grip found in the mid-west and the pursuit of independence.

I joined the military without direction or knowledge of who I was or who I wanted to be, Continue reading »

Soup to nuts part 3. WHAT IS YOUR MISSION?!

What is your mission?

Seems like a simple question to answer, doesn’t it?

Writing a mission statement is essential to mapping out your business strategy which is why it gets its own chapter in my building a business series.

A mission statement isn’t your resume. Don’t mix your message with a lengthy list of all things you can do. Instead, list all the things you can do for your client. Continue reading »

Soup to Nuts Part 2; Location, Location, Location

This is obviously an important piece to the puzzle that deserves a fair amount of thought.

I must’ve looked at a dozen spaces with a checklist of requirements and a mind set of “If I build it, they will come.” Ha! Not in Portland!

This city has a lot gyms. All different sizes and types, including the 2 dozen crossfits! I swear crossfit is like a weed. Find an empty space and one is bound to pop up.

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How I built my gym, from soup to nuts. Part 1

In 2006, my move to Oregon was more about retirement than work. I had very little purpose, other than eating, playing and working out. Continue reading »

“I’m not a kettlebell guy?”

Huh? Really?

To hear that come from a trainer now days, is a real mystery to me.

Are kettlebells the be all, end all? Probably not. I do enjoy other forms of resistance training, albeit not as much as kettlebells, but I do like having options.

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The WOW is the Skogg Workout Of the Week, which will take place every week with a new workout posted on Fridays.

I’ve decided to bring a competitive environment back into the gym to give Skogg members a finish line. What do I mean by this? Continue reading »

How do I change my body?

How do I change my body?

This is a question I get asked quite often, to which I refer to my fitness triad.

This geometric shape needs three walls in order to be complete, just like your fitness strategy, in order to be complete or effective

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Are you old school?

What is old school?

Is it one of those statements that’s lost it’s meaning due to overuse? Does it suggest membership or a right to passage passed down from the masters that led the way? Perhaps it’s a term used to give a sense of belonging with others who share the same opinion?

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IHRSA 2014 Part 2

I felt compelled to continue my narrative, now that I’ve had the time to dig out and sort through my tradeshow experience.

If you’ve never been to IHRSA, know that it’s a sensory overload. The thunderous bass reverberates off the walls of the conference hall, as the vendors try to lure you into their space with competing music, loud emcees, free stuff and garish colors. If you had a rough night, you’ll find no respite in this environment.

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IHRSA 2014

It’s day 2 of IHRSA as I sit poolside of the Westin Gaslamp. The last 24 hours a whirlwind in my head. International Health and Racquet Sports Association is what it stands for but what it really means is if you have a service or product in the fitness world, you’re at IHRSA, the largest fitness trade show in North America.

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